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What ammo for mosin nagant?

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just curious what ammo i should be using for my mosin nagant for hunting? I know that some stuff is FMJ and i'm trying to avoid that. currently the only ammo i've found around here is Wolf and Brown Bear. I've heard that wolf can be used for hunting and i've also heard it can't so some clarification would help. thanks.
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-Wolf Gold 180gr (not regular wolf)
-Prvi Partisan 150gr
-Silver Bear 203gr

are all good choices for hunting, in a soft point of course. I've used the Silver Bear 203gr SP on deer before and its pretty deadly. I would highly recommend the Prvi Partisan stuff though. Its accurate in my mosins, has a 150gr SP bullet and the brass is nice for reloading even if you don't reload yet. I would choose Silver Bear over Brown Bear because the Brown Bear stuff has a lacquer coating on the cases which can cause your bolt to stick. I personally use my reloads for hunting with my Mosins.
alright thanks. yeah i'm going to pick up a box of brown bear tomorrow after work in case i need to use it but i'm hoping i can avoid it. I'm going to place an order online for some wolf gold since the local gun place can't order any, but i'm not sure how long it will take to be delivered. Its a total pain though because Fleet Farm, which is the main place i can find anything for my mosin, carry's ammo for them but their wolf isn't the stuff for hunting. You would think that in WI they would carry ammo for hunting.
My fleetfarm has Silver Bear, and I think they have the Wolf Gold. Scheels in Eau Claire has Winchester 180gr soft points....heck even my tiny local gunshop has the Winchester 180grs.
The fox valley area hasn't really had crap for ammo. i haven't made it to 2 of the gun shops but my work schedules been hectic so i didnt wanna take chances. going to pick up a box of brown bear tomorrow as my emergency deer ammo, but i did order 3 boxes of silver bear from j&g so hopefully that will be here on time. i went with silver bear over gold wolf cuz i dont reload my cartridges and it was basically half the price as the gold wolf.
The Brown Bear is the same as Silver Bear just different case coatings. Just make sure you sight them in before you hunt with them. The Silver Bear shot pretty high out of my 91/30 with the original sights. Since then I bought a chopped down (23" barrel) 91/30 barreled receiver from a gunshow for $60, so I use that as my hunting rifle. I put it in a bedded and free floated ATI stock, with Timney trigger, and scout scoped with a 4x32 Simmons Prohunter handgun scope. I used the 3/8" dovetail under the rear sight to mount my scope to. Its a nice deer hunting rig.
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