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what about this buck I shot?

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On the morning of January 1st I shot a 7pt (he was a cull buck) that weighed 194 lbs. Mature bucks
where I am hunting average 175 lbs. and the does seems to average about 105 lbs. My question to
everyone is this 194 lb buck had a hole on the underside of each main beam about where the g-2 is
on the top. Has anyone ever shot a deer with a hole in the main beam? Does this mean he once had
drop tines. I did not look at his teeth to get a good age of the deer, I know now that I should have.
I was wondering what this indicates, having a hole in both sides of the main beam?
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Years ago I shot a 9 pointer out of Westchester County-NY that had a hole in 1 beam. I have been told it is caused by a worm that somehow burrows in the developing antler but I never tried to validate this. I don't think drop tines has anything to do with the holes.
Thanks for the reply! It was just strange that he had them on both sides and about the same place.
holes in main beam

I sure would like to know everyone's opinion.
I've seen this on some of the antlers on deer that I have mounted in my taxidermy business. The fact that it occurs on both antlers in about the same place makes me believe that it has something to do with the antler development while it was in the velvet stage. Blood flow to the growing antler, perhaps??
iv got a question about antlers. do they fall of and grow back every year? or just grow more and more? how does it work?
yep, they shed them every year and then grow them back come next year. And usually as the buck matures they get bigger every year. And when the new ones come they have velvet on them to protect the new growing antlers until they are good and ready. then the deer rub the velvet off on trees and shrubs and things. Mice and other critters will eat the sheds for calcium and other minerals. Antlers are genetic too im pretty sure.... so if daddy has a goofy rack or a drop tine, the son will most likely develope one too. I think thats where the term "management bucks" come into play when ur watching hunting shows on tv you will here them say that and those ar the bucks they are after to better the quality of their heard so that deer doesnt pass on those genes anymore. Does that answer your question? hope it helps!
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and no offense takin if someone says otherwise or wants to correct me.. feel free. Just what i have thought to have been said. thanks.
I think you hit it on the head burgerking, well said.
I killed a small buck one time with a hole in his antler. I was told that if the antler was damaged in velvet(i guess this means maybe it was bleeding at one point) that flies will lay eggs and maggots will do it... sounds kinda like the worm thing i think! But i'm no biologist
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