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went for my 9 day CO hunt

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so Sept 10th - 18th was Colorado's muzzle loader season. To make things short we saw 4 elk " bull on the first day!" and 4 deer total including one buck " i had a buck tag"

By the time we figured out the buck was there he took off and didnt give me a shot due to the thick timber.

Its a good thing we had small game tags because Dusky grouse were all over the place for the first 4 or 5 days and then cold rainy weather moved in and even killed the grouse hunting!

My brother and my dog Rocky.

Home sweet home for 9 days. Pretty big though! 19'L x 12'W Plenty of room but darn cold at night with no heater.

So my hunt ended without ever firing a Thor at a buck. Now im re-packing and getting my other Optima "scoped" ready for Sept 24-30th New Mexico Muzzleloading season with 110gr Blackhorn209 and a 250gr Powerbelt Aerolite.

Hopefully i will have better luck on this hunt.
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Looks like a fun time even without the buck. 9 days in the outdoors with no job would be awesome for me.

You cook the birds over the fire?

Good luck on your upcoming hunt. Hope you knock one over!
Any hunt better than work! No shots, same as my last trip to Colorado.
buckfever, we boil them first and then follow up with a few minutes over the flames of the fire to give them some smoky flavor.
Thats why they call it hunting and not killing.... nice birds though, i am sure they tasted mighty fine. Plenty of season left .... good luck!
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