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Like it or not, we are where we are in our country. There are many things I do not care for, but it is what it is, right?
In times like these, it's so easy to get angry, upset, frustrated, enraged, etc... at our leaders. (I know I do). These are all feelings God has given to us to use and feel. After all, He created us. So why do we feel "bad" feelings? That's part of being a human. As Christians, we have to use these emotions carefully. We have to keep them in check. Christ had these same feelings and emotions. He also was tempted, SEVERELY. Much more than we could ever imagine- satan himself, tempted Jesus... can you imagine? Wow, Christ is strong. That's why He's our savior!
I want to encourage you to pray. I find it hard to pray in times like these. Especially now when things are going BADLY overseas in the middle-east. It's awful, horrible, all those bad things. God can help. God has control. Reach out to Him. Build that relationship with Him. He wants to know you personally.. but you have to open the door. NOT Him. HE wants you to choose Him. Our country needs spiritual revival. We need to turn to Jesus and stop hating on each other. We need to come to Him and worship Him, who is worthy of praise.
As always, if you have questions (and I don't claim to have all the answers) feel free to email me and we can discuss. [email protected]
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