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Welcome Misouri and Texas A&M

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Welcome to the SE conference, any college football fans out there? I thought both teams played well in the first conference games and will be a good fit to the SEC.
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Buckshot, those are two quality football programs that will benefit from the move.
Thank you! Please do not kick our butts too hard this year!!!!!

Gooooooo mizzou!
Tator where ya been?
Man, so doggone busy lately, it ain't even funny. Seems like everytime I get ahead, something else falls on my plate. Planning on being here more now. Got all the stands in place and ready to start some hunting. We opened bow season saturday but haven't been yet....
what about you? got a big one picked out? Deer I mean! hahahaha JOKING!
we opened up Sat . most deer I have seen in one weekend a few missed opportunities (other words I screwed up) 20-30 deer seen only 1 was a buck wanting to fill my buck tag 1st this year but I am going to have to put down a doe 1st I think
yeah, i'm going to try hard and pass on does until gun season or late doe season. My numbers aren't bad, but would like to see more does than what we have. We have an over abundance of young bucks. it's rediculous
Missouri is having a tough time with CWD and my county (Randolph) along with 5 other counties are considered "containment" zones. We did have a 4 point on one side antler rule, but that has been lifted in our 6 counties. They think the CWD is prodominate in bucks. Anyways, there are some young bucks that I can tell have bad genes so I may take them out this year. I have ALOT of really young 8 and 10's,,,, i'm talking 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year oldS!!!!!!! They are sprouting everywhere-- also with the antler restriction lifted, they say that we can no longer put out salt or mineral or any type of feed that concentrate deer to one area. Anyways, I haven't seen any CWD in my county at all. There has been alot of blue tongue going around and have heard of 2 cases where a total of 12 deer were found dead from it.

good luck to ya buddy
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wish we could trade some Does for Bucks without the CWD
Thank you! Please do not kick our butts too hard this year!!!!!

Gooooooo mizzou!
I don't think you have to worry about that, if we play the we did against Florida we will get our butts kicked.

We open the bow season this Saurday, can't wait.
It probably won't last but right now Ohio State 8-0! Looks like they lost their starting QB today left in a rescue squad.
Well Mizzou is proving to be a joke for this year. I promise though guys, they will be better. Mizzou has ALWAYS had problems at the QB position. Chase Daniels, in my eyes, was the only PURE QB Mizzou has had in a LONG time. Brad Smith is a close 2nd, but all he did was run. He'd be a fantastic TE. anyways, sorry , our QB's both stink and our biggest problem is trying to figure out which dud to start
Ohio State is 11-0. While they cannot play for any bowl games, if they beat Michigan Saturday they will end with a perfect season. Watch out next year as they will be in the top 5 rankings starting next fall. Go Bucks!
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