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Nasty storms hitting Indiana and moving through Ohio. I've seen 2+ inches of rain in 45min here in Toledo area with my street flooded for a second time in last 2 weeks. Several Tornado's on the radar map too and I get to go into work at 6pm. :thumbdown:
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The rain is coming r way tnite.Its getting ridiculous already.
OK guys,100+ more people dead today from the storms.We need to keep them in our prayers,All yall guys that live in those areas will be kept in our prayers. Psalm 20:1
.... more rain..... pumping the patio out, then the pool cover, then start all over tomorrow. Rain bucket is showing about 4" right now.
pretty ironic I get my $1000.00 FEMA federal flood insurance premium today!
As always, the weather in Texas is just crazy, one day it'll be sunny and good weather, the next pouring down rain and hail, It seems to be more random lately for some reason. :sad:
My new grill flew off the back porch last night. I gotta nice big dent on the lid now. All the rain and twisters are suppose to be gone for awhile not in TN.

After watching the news the past few days my grill didnt bother me a bit. A lot of folks lost family and their whole house.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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