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Weapon of choice ?

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What is your preference on recurve or compound limbs on a crossbow ? I have a older recurve limb, 150 lbs Horton, I've never shot a compound crossbow. I know mine is near useless over 25 yards. I've seen a bunch of vids on the pse tac. Man that seems like a sweet bow !!
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Mine is a compound. its a horton explorer XL-150. I have had chances to upgrade to stronger and faster xbows,but I wont give it up. A friend has the horton in 200# pull and mine out shoots his all day long. I try to keep my shots to 30yds and under,but know I can reach out further if needed. I have taken a buck that just would not move any closer at 53yds with a 100% pass thru. I use carbon express CX arrows with 100g muzzy 3 blade BH:thumbup:


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I have the recurve limbs on the Excalibur. Very simple, no cables, no wheels. It's a 200 lb pull, lightening fast. I also use Muzzy MX3 broadheads on Easton's full metal jacket bolts. So far, two shots two deer. Something that has been a great surprise: both deer had massive damage to their lungs from the crossbow vs when I shot a recurve or compound bow. I mean the lungs came out in a slurpy mess. Anyone else see this using crossbows? Normally, you see a tricut through the lungs but the damage to both deer was massive.
our state doesnt allow crossbow hunting unless you have certain permissions.

Fla. just started a xbow season. 1wk. I have disabled xbow permit,so I use mine from bow opener until general gun opens.
Ohio, PA and Michigan have allowed cross bow use in their regular archery seasons.
I shoot a Stryker 380 compound. The only reason I shoot a compound is I have pretty good access to a pro shop (I'm not real mechanically inclined) but if you aren"t or don't have access to a pro shop I would go for a simplier bow like an excal.
380 Striker
Easton Blood Lines
125 gr Wasp Jak Hammers
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