Wayne Worcester
Born and raised as a native to Maine, Wayne is a 51 year old, Mainer (Although you wouldn't know it from his age!) This guy is built for stamina & speed. He is "High" Energy when it comes to Whitetail Deer Hunting!!! He has been hunting the Northern Maine Wilderness since he could walk. In fact, not only is he a ("Master") Registered Maine Guide since 1989, his "Great" grandfather was a Game Warden for the state of Maine back in the early 40's. He comes from a family "bloodline" that was brought up with the great outdoors as part of their heritage and a way of life. Wayne has hunted out of their remote, Northern Maine, Wilderness Camp that was built by his great grand farther back in 1950's for many years. The only access to this remote camp (and still to this day) is by a 1-1/2 mile canoe ride down stream and through the rapids into it!!!

Since his childhood, Wayne has always had the love and passion for the great outdoors, especially the hunting and fishing. Why wouldn't he, his Dad brought him up on it, it was his life…..and he lived for it!!!

Both Wayne and his Dad are "Master" Registered Maine Guides. They Guided Black Bear Hunters out of their Northern Maine wilderness camp for many years and had an incredible track record on Big Bruins. Wayne has been nicknamed The "BuckSlayer" for many years from his ability to consistently harvest "Big" Mature Whitetails year after year. In Maine there is a club called the "Biggest Bucks In Maine Club" where a hunter is recognized for harvesting a deer that will field dress over 200 LBS. A red shoulder patch in the shape of the Maine state is awarded to the few lucky hunters that ever achieve this goal. Most hunters will go their lifetime without one, Wayne now has (9), Bucks that have qualified him for this club in Maine.

Wayne has two beautiful daughters that are now all grown up and out on their own. Although dad will always be there for them, he now has even more time to pursue his life long passion, (Chasing whitetails across the country in the fall months) Wayne has hunted: Maine, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Canada and now, for the past 8 years his drive and motivation has taken him to Southern Ohio for Big "Mature" Whitetails.

Although, Wayne has just recently joined our DHC Team. It was obvious to us from the beginning that from his impressive Whitetail Hunting background, Guiding experience, and 40 plus years of knowledge in the great outdoors, that Wayne would be a real asset to all of our DHC Team, Our Current Members and our on going Guest to the site.

Wayne's forum nickname is: (The "BuckSlayer") and for good reasons!!!

Keep an eye out for new "eye gluing" articles from this "Deer Magnet" we all call…….

The "BuckSlayer"