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Water Diet....

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Wondering if anyone else does this...
I've been drinking ALOT of water lately to substitute other liquids in my daily intake. Typically I drink diet coke ALOT, or used to. Seemed like every can I drank as better than the last. I don't really drink much of anything else besides milk, water and diet coke.
Well I still drink milk, just not as much and a little diet coke from time to time, but have really started drinking the HECK out of water. Here's some things I've learned by doing this:

1. I have more energy (strange I know)
2. I have fewer headaches (less dehydrated)
3. I drink a tall glass 20-30 min before each meal.... makes me eat less.
4. When I want a snack, I repeat #3 above...
5. I don't get so many little colds... I never get full-blown sick, but have little annoying coughs or headaches, etc...
6. I only drink water that's ICE cold. I know I'm weird like that. NOT a hot liquid drinker and probably never will be. Milk has to be ICE cold and so does my DC.
7. I spend less money on milk and DC. We were buying about 3 gal of milk a week and my wife doesn't drink it! Just me and my 2 1/2 y/o. Plus about a case of Diet Coke a week and that's around $7 a case (not alot, but still)
8. My son now wants to drink more water than sugary juice or pop (sorry we call soda "POP" in missouri)

Hope this helps anyone out there wanting to feel better and/or start a "MAN-DIET". Believe me, these things will happen but NOT overnight. Give it 2 weeks or so and I guarantee you'll start feeling better.
:nerd: <---- Dr. Tator
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Dr.Tator would this work if i sustituted BEER instead of WATER?:lol:

I like the way you think!! :thumbup:
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