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Was DHC down?

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was DHC down today or was it just me could not get on from noon till now
OK if it wasn't I get the hint
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OK thought you guys were trying to tell me something :crybaby:
Was down for me too. I contacted the BGIC and he got us up n running again.
well thank you Bruce not having DHC is like telling me Hunting season has been canceled That ain't good
also disregard the PM at the other place
I was going through with-drawls
Tech nerd said server company claimed they had a power outage.

By the way on these nights I'm working my wife is posting the Christmas post since its basically impossible to do from my phone. So far she is getting them right. Be
I love night shift.
well great job & a BIG thank you to Mrs BuckFever
look out BF may have a new boss oh wait I hear she wears the camo's in the family anyway (Yup mine too)
like I always say I get the last word in my house "Yes Maam"
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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