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Warm Toes?

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Well after trying to hunt this past weekend, feel like temp was around zero degrees at daybreak, I need some suggestions on keeping my feet warm. Most of my hunts are perch up in a tree. I wore a pair of smartwool socks under a pair of homemade wool socks with LaCrosse 1600 pac boots. My toes were about numb in 1 hour. I have tried about every combination of socks from my sock drawer. A single pair of wool socks, a double pair of wool socks, a cotten pair with wool socks, a pair of silk socks with wool socks, a pair of liner socks which are suppose to help feet not sweat ( can't remember the name of them ) with wool socks. Nothing seems to help. I know its cold out but my feet get cold even in low 20 degree weather. Maybe I just need better boots. Any suggestions???
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KTL, I live and hunt in southwestern Montana, and it gets pretty cold here. I've tried lots of sock combos, like you, and here's what works for me. I have a pair of boots from the Georgia Boot Co. They have a Goretex lining, and 600 grams of Thinsulate (I believe you can get much more than that). This boot is designed with a bigger box toe area, so there's built-in room for more socks without constricting circulation. (Some boots are just too tight to beef up your socks.) I have added an inner sole of additional Thinsulate. I use a pair of Acorn fleece socks. Sometimes I add silk or similar lining. Lately, I have been using foot warmers called Heat Treat. They come in the shape of an inner sole, and they work like the hand warmer packets that you break open and expose to oxygen to get them going. These keep going in my boots for at least 7 hours. I think it's imortant to ADD heat because no matter how much insulation you have, it seems like the cold eventually sinks in. The forecast for this weekend's elk hunt is 5 degrees for a high and -10 for a low. Even so, I'm not worried about cold feet with this set up.
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When it gets really cold I go to my old lacrosse Ice Man's pack boots with the toe heater pacs, polypro liners and wool socks. I don't get 7 hrs like onehouse but 4hrs then I simply put new ones in. I like to carry several heater pacs for hands and toes in my pack.
i do the poly sock then a wool blend. then a size 13 Irish setter boot with 1600 grams of thinsulate. I think the size is the biggest part of the program. Thats about a half size to big. To thight and it cuts off blood flow. the other thing I've found is if I wear this set up from the house driving, its to warm and my feet sweat. This is a bad start to the hunt. even the walk in can get your feet to sweat. try carring extra socks with you and change them out while on stand. loose and dry
I do a combo of the above lacrosse pacs.double then wool also sometimes use the heat pacs ,shaped like an insole.My pacs usually do the trick.even while ice fishing.Do you smoke?that cuts down circulation to your extremities .You can also clench,unclench your toes while on stand.I do that with my hands and any other muscles when im freezing my butt off:no:
I wear a Sorel -40 boot (temperature rating is for moderate activity like walking) with at least two pair of wool socks. If it is really cold, I put on a wool sock, and then an electric sock (pain turning on and off) and maybe another wool sock. I will also move my toes every few minutes to help generate some heat and increase the blood flow. I have a -100F boot that I have yet to try. Since I no longer live on the border, I don't need a boot that warm at this time. Here is a link to Sorel.
Sorel : All Style
Don't smoke.Thanks for the imput, I always wondered about those heat packs for the feet. I've used the hand warmers and will try the feet warmers. I do wiggle my toes alot on stand and also try to do more standing than sitting. I've noticed that I stay warmer and of course more alert if I am standing than sitting and day dreaming. I think my problem is that when I bought my boots I didn't get a larger size. My feet do feel a little snug in my boots with 2 pair of socks on. Add one more item to my x-mas list.
another trick to use if your standing or in a blind is to put a barrier between your feet and the floor.carpet,foam,boat cushion hot seat etc..For permanent ground blinds a small piece of freight skid(old shop/bench worker's tip):wink:
A piece of carpet would work for my ladder stand. I would probably want to take it to and from stand so it doesn't get water soaked or snow covered.
The boot blanket foot covers. I bought mine at Dicks Sporting Goods but Cabelas and Bass Pro have them as well. They're large pillow type deals that fit your whole foot w/whatever size boot you have in them and they are insulated big time. Mine snap together so I can sling them over my shoulder and carry them in/out. Trust me, this will end your cold feet issue.
Timberghost, I hunt mainly from a tree stand. Would these foot covers not become slick/slippery on stand? Also, are they easy to clean out the inside since my boots would be covered in mud and snow and transfered to the inside of foot covers?
Thanks again all.
I use them all the time in a tree stand. The bottoms are textured/grippy for good footing. They zip from bottom to top on the back making it very easy to get on and off. I've never had to worry about snow and mud getting all in there. If anything does get in you could just shake it out. Trust me from one bad weather hunter to another bad weather hunter our boots have probably seen it all and these are the way to go. I'll get the name of mine and get back to you.
I was just on Cabelas web site and found ones called Arctic Shield boot warmers on sale for $39.99. But they had a couple of different brands to choose from. Let me know which ones you have and any other suggestions on plus/minus's about this product. Thanks again Timberghost.
I was just on Cabelas web site and found ones called Arctic Shield boot warmers on sale for $39.99. But they had a couple of different brands to choose from. Let me know which ones you have and any other suggestions on plus/minus's about this product. Thanks again Timberghost.
Those are the warmest you can buy. I use them all the time while on stand.
Bought a pair of those Artic Shield things for my wife....only thing that keeps her feet warm on stand. She uses them with those "shake em up" hand / feet warmers.....
KTL here are some pics for you. I brought em in from the shed and I believe they are the same as the Cabelas brand. I've had these for 5 yrs and I haven't 1 complaint. I could wear normal socks with insulated rubber boots and these and stay warm all day. I wear Rocky Buckstalker Lights 1000 gram boots (size 11 reg width). These boot covers are size Large and fit me perfectly. They have endured the nasty Lake Effect snow machine blizzards and extreme temps.

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i thought about those on real cold mornings...that would be yalls warm mornings...but are feet do get cold still...i like the zip in the back
Those are cool I think I will tell santa. LOL. Do you know how much those cost timberghost those are really cool with the zip up backs has to be the way to go.
10pt, Cabela's brand 49.99, arctic shield brand 44.99 in 2008 fall Cabela's catalog. The're now on my Christmas list.
Thanks alot guys, just got in from a hunt (it was cold). I am ordering mine today from Cabelas. The Arctic Shield ones are on sale for $39.99. Thanks again.
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