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When I was a bit younger (13 or so) Me, my dad, and 2 older brothers used a variety of shotguns. But we had so many crows we just sat under a big tree on the edge of a corn field in lawn chairs. We would sit for about 15 mins, wait for alot of crows to land in the tree, everyone would take aim and someone would count down. 3-2-1 bang!!! 15 mins later they would all be back. Our farthest shot was prob not over 20 yds. As far as shot I am guessing it was probably 6. With 4 of us in the house my dad used the 12 gauge. And me and my brothers fought over the 16, 20 and 410. Whoever had the 410 shot the closest crow.

P.S. Joel I have one of those 16 gauges in my gun cabinet. Stevens Model 940A. Savage Arms. Handed down from my Grandpa who went on out of this world in 1988. I will have this gun till I die.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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