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God Bless our Veterans near and far, past, present, and future.. Thank You

YouTube - The Cactus Cuties sing the Battle Hymm of the Republic
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thanks bruce. almoat forgot about it today. working to much to know what day it is.
amen to that and god bless the true heroes in the world,thank you for are freedom.
Right on fellas!!! My dad was a Marine Artillery vet of Vietnam and my Father in law was an Army 101st Airborne Vietnam vet so the day is theirs.
I second the AMEN! God Bless them all!

I was in the National Guard here in Missouri for 4 years, but I don't call myself a veteran... Just doing my time.
God Bless Them.
My cousin Darryl just got deployed to Afganistan on Monday.
To all the pre, current, and future men and women in the forces, God Bless everyone one of you! Be safe and be well!
Thanks for all the kudo's guys! It really makes a difference to us vets, knowing that there are those out there who stand behind us.

I had a chance to 'give back' something to one of the local schools this past week. While serving in Iraq back in 2003, one of the local middle schools made a huge banner. The kids put their multi-colored hand prints all over this banner then signed their names underneath. They sent it to me in Iraq where I was supporting the 4th Infantry Division in Tikrit. To make a long story short, I managed to get a U.S. flag flown in the city of Mosul on my last tour there and one of the 25th Infantry Division's generals signed the "Certificate of Authenticity" that the flag had indeed been flown in Iraq, if only for one day.

I presented that flag to the school this past week when they had their Veteran's Day assembly. The assistant superindentant was there as well and gave the kids a reminder of what he faced as a Vietnam era veteran when passing through the airports and being out in public in uniform. Our stories were vastly different, but the kids got the point about the need to support our veterans. I presented the flag to the ass't superintendant as my way of saying "thank you" to the school and the town for supporting us "over there".

For once, the old adage of "what goes around, comes around" meant something good for a change.
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Very neat RD... Some future soldiers in that group of kids... Would much rather them look up to a soldier than the garbage on TV. (but thats another thread)
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