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Vermont Elk Farm

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Decided to take a ride to check on the Elk @ the elk farm..., snapped a few pics then decided to do a little scouting afterwards, here's what we found

The Elk

one HUGE lone Doe browsing a field

a NEW Wildlife viewing point
(constructed by the VOWP, Vt. offender work program) they did a great job...

Rear entrance area

Front View

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THEN, a short walk in offered a huge surprise, a Vt. Moose

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different types of critters, cool
Big critters in the woods who would of thought? Nice pics.
Looks like a pretty good day Bruce.
Thanks Guys, yeah it really was a great day but every day afield is a great day...
I forgot to mention the Elk are farmed for Restaurant meat.. The Cow Palace Restaurant is located in Derby Vermont.

Here is a pic of the Restaurant Entrance

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Nice pic's I have been to that elk farm but never ate there
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