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Vermont doe and fawn sighting

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Me and the family visited Vermont this weekend and stayed at Sterling Ridge Resort in the Stowe area. My daughter was competing in a soccer tournament in nearby Burlington. On the way out of the resort Saturday morning we happened to see a doe. She looked a little nervous but did not run away immediatly. Thirty seconds or so later we saw a fawn get up and proceed to bounce away. I have two daughters 13 and 11 who were absolutely thrilled to see this sight!
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Sounds like you all had a great time. Those fawns are cool to see especially when they're still real small but yet very fast.
just a word of warning .should you find a fawn leave it alone ,its very rare that they are abandoned,mom is usually nearby.leave it be if you mess with it mom may then abandon it
It was with the mom and we did stay a good distance from them both. Even though the kids wanted a better look I did not want to stress the animals out.
that comment was directed at everyone hope ya didnt think i was singling you out:bye:
Your girls sound like mine. Plum excited to see deer.
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