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Vermont Bow Hunt

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well the Archery season opened Sat. Oct. 6th and the Weather was terrible, It was just too hot for opening day BUT we did manage to get into the woods to give it a go, Didn't see a thing all day, on Sunday morning (second day) I was perched about 250 yards from Phillip (my girlfriends son) we both had two Doe's, stroll by, Phillip had them in range and as he tried to draw back on them they must have seen him and off they ran, when they came into my area they stayed just out of range at about the 65 yard mark so I just watched them stroll on by.

I'm starting to see "NEW" rubs in fact Tuesday the 9th. I saw a fresh rub and yesterday morning it had a NEW rub next to it, now that's Exciting as heck.. I'll post a pick so you folks can take a look ...
There's still plenty of time so we'll have to see how the season plays out..

Good luck to all...
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good luck man. it sounds like your on some fresh sign. this is phillip's first bow season isn't it? tell him i asked about him and i hope he does well this season.
Thank you. Yes this is Phillips first Bow season, He's had his first chance to try and pull back on a Doe so he's all fired up... I mentioned last year that Phillip wants to become a game warden for the state of Vermont.. He is working so hard towards that goal it's amazing how focused he is on that. He's now enrolled in a natural resources class which is his math and science credits. He's now seeing how it all plays a roll in hunting, he's learning all about the different tree's and nuts they produce (Deer Food) LOL
anyway, thanks again and good luck to you as well.
after all those classes he is takin he may be able to teach us something. instead of us helping the young hunter he will be helping the old hunters
I hope he does, I'm always ready to learn more,, especially if it helps during my hunts.. :)
if phillip wants to write us an article on deer food and other stuff he has learned just tell him to private message me and tell me what he will charge in return. it will give us some good content in our tips section.
I'll talk with phillip about it, I'm sure he'll want to write up something for you but I know he WON'T want to charge anything in return... the bad part is, it's hunting season so I wouldn't expect anything real soon...
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