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Venison Roasts

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Anyone have secrets for my Roast as it sits in the Slow cooker ?

Vegetables , spices , etc. ....... Want to try and find and create a recipe with bits and pieces from everyone.....

Thank you
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i put - deer roast, onions, carrots, celery, n potatoes, then season with- 1 TBS of a meat tenderizing steak seasoning, a shot glass of A1 sause, 2 shot glasses of Jack daniels, 3/4 bottle of heineken, then cap rest of roast off with water till completly submursed. i usualy can put in at 6 am and dinner ready around 4 or 5 ish that night. my crokpot doesnt hold enough veggies so bout hour before the crok is done i mix up more of my veggie mix and just boil on stove in another pot till soft n ready. DAMMIT BOY NOW IM HUNGERY !!! time to pull a roast out of the freezer:yes:
all the usual veggies but witha packet of liptons onion soup mix
Brown the roast in garlic oil in a skillet, put it a slow cooker, take 2 large cans of stewed tomatoes (do not drain), 1/4 and slice 1 large onion, and slice up 1 or 2 green peppers, put on top of roast shut lid and let it cook until it falls apart (8 hours or so). Whip up some mashed potatoes to serve with or over. It's a crowd pleaser around here
You can also brown the roast, put it the crock pot and cover with spaghetti sauce. Cook until it falls apart (8 hrs or so) serve over your favorite pasta
Thanks for the ideas....

This Roast will be put together with a the ' Ideal ' ingredients , I can't wait . Venison / seasoning / vegetables / booze = OUTSTANDING !!!
Thanks again
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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