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I have always used 4" feathers , but see a lot of 2" Blazers being used now. Bohning says they work well with broadheads and have a flatter trajectory. Anyone have advice?:unsure:
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yup, thats what I use. Arrows fly straight with 100 gr muzzy 3 blades.:thumbup:
yup , 100 grain muzzy's here too. You do your own fletching and if so what kind of jig you use?
I have a Cabela's jig, its a straight fletch that I can get about 3* of helical offset on Easton 400 Axis apg camo/carbon arrows. With the Muzzy's and the 2" vanes, this combo works very well from my Mathews Q2XL set at 60 lbs. Hey how everyone else, what's your set up?
Yep, Blazers all the way! One of the perks with them is the reduced noise from vane vibration. Get behind a barrier and have someone shoot a conventional vaned arrow and one with blazers (come on guys, I assume you can all be safe about this). The Blazer shaft is considerably quieter! I've wondered about the 3" Quickspin. Anyone have experience with them?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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