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Vacation Time

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Well we're getting ready to leave for the airport soon and we're headed to Orlando, Fla. for 1 week. Boy,8, Girl,9, wifey and myself going on a little vacation. You all take care and talk to you later.
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say hello to mickey for me bring lots of money:yes:.Enjoy the family time:thumbup:
That will be a great time. Enjoy
Leave all the worries behind and you folks will have a great time down there...
Have A Great Time!!cherrish Every Moment With Your Family
Have A Great Time!!cherrish Every Moment With Your Family
This guy just said it ALL!
Have a great time! We just got back a couple of weeks ago. Have a Pecos Bill Burger and a Dole Whip for me!
Thanks for all of the kind words we had a blast. Water parks, sunshine, amusement parks, pools, great food. Man what did we come back for???????????????????
Welcome Back timberghost, Glad you folks all had a great time.
You went back home because that's the reality and "Smart" thing to do
the theme park attractions are entertaining fantasies built for our enjoyment
but after 2 or 3 visits, that stuff usually grows pretty old real quick,
not to mention how fast it will drain the GREEN contents of a wallet... :whistling:

Welcome home !!!
Yep glad to hear you made it back safe and had a blast to boot!!
welcome back now get to work:w00t::lol:
Welcome Back Sounds Like You Had A Blast!!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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