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Using blinds

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How many of yall use blinds when hunting on the ground, and have you had success using them.

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I've had some success. Killed a couple. Pros: Makes rattlin a lot less noticeable, movementwise. Weather is less of a factor. Cons: LIMITED VISION! Opening weekend ( in KY ) was frustrating. I could hear 'em movin all around me. But because I was on the ground, I couldn't see squat. Movin' back up into a stand next year.
Never have used one, though I am open to the idea. Many a deer has been killed by a hunter just sitting against a tree, so why not?

I see the main advantages being portability (no trees? no problem) and being able to shoot just as easily in any direction.

Disadvantages: SCENT is even more of a factor than in a tree and you just can't see as far.

i have used a blind alot when i hunt just becuase there are some places you just cant get a stand to, they do work well but i would suggest brushing them in very well so it blends in with your sorroundings if not the deer will most likely notice it and get is also best to leave it out in the spot your gonna hunt for about a week before u actually hunt out of it so the deer can get use to it but if your hunting on public land and your are scared someone will steal in bruhsing it in very well should be ok in most cases. still use your scent control and you should have very good success and have deer very close to your blind and they will not even know your there. the only cons i say would be some restricted view and they can make some noise on a windy day but i have not really found that to be a problem.
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I have used a blind for 3 years and really like them. Be syre the blind fits you, for instance, if you bow hunt you will need more room to draw your bow. Also the bigger blinds can give you plenty of room for all your gear and if it's tall enough you can stand up and stretch after long periods of sitting. But always remember, NEVER SHOOT A RIFLE THROUGH THE SEE THROUGH MESH!!!!!! The muzzle flash can catch that stuff on fire.
How many of yall use blinds when hunting on the ground, and have you had success using them.

I think the biggest disadvantage to ground hunting in general is safety. If someone shoots at a deer and misses, will the projectile be heading your way? Does some idiot think your movement is a deer? A ground blind or hiding in cover can make this a bigger risk. Personally, I would never use a ground blind on public land during a firearm season. No deer is worth my life!

Be sure to use a safety harness if you do hunt from an elevated position. Just getting 8 to 10 feet off the ground will help. I prefer 16 feet or higher.
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