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well im tagged out for archery and i had two near misses with a giant buck on the property,both times he skirted problem is now i have the freezer full and im not sure i want to take em with the gun if given the neighbors will not pass em up,however i find as i get older i enjoy the cat&mouse of archery a little more.might just try for a doe and hope he makes it to next year.any thoughts or opinions.
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yeah, donate the meat! In Missouri we have the Share the Harvest going on and our local processors do not require the hunters to pay for it. I think our local food banks pay the processing fee for the hunters. We can donate as many as we want.
If that's not an option, ask around.. there may be someone who loves deer meat but doesn't hunt and would be willing to pay for the processing. Lots of people love the jerky and sausage, and give that stuff away for Christmas presents. If you go to Church, ask there. There's a guy in my Church who likes to get part of my deer(s) every year...
i agree with tator. i kill my freezer limit and i donate the rest to a processor that cuts it and passes it out to needy families. you can do that even if you decide to get a doe. and if you decide to wait a year on the may get bigger....or it may end up in someone elses freezer....
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