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Ultimate Fall Mix Question

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Im going to plant the first week or two of September. my food plot is one acre I want to plant wanamaker's ultimate fall mix(oats, blue lupine, peas). I was also thinking of throwing in some wheat and turnips. I have heard the ultimate fall mix will outgrow the rest of what i plan to plant and choke it out? should i plant ultimate fall mix on one half and the wheat, turnips on the back half of the plot or just mix it in all together and see what happens? again my food plot is one acre rectangular shaped. thanks
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not familiar with that product. I too would be concerned that some of the product may not mature ( not sure of your location but hopefully southern). Side note: Most of what I read, so called experts like to shape their plots into different shapes than a rectangle, something more like a tear drop, dogleg, leading to or coming out of the woods shape. I know I didn't describe it well but just passing along some reading info. Give the deer a plot shape to move through naturally, how's that.
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Hello,I found the share aqnd follow plug in today when snomeoe requested i setup rss follow, and the plug in does what i need, more of what i was looking for myself and beyond. Thnks. What I'm stuck on is that since I've installed the plug in my site now loads \with errors\ when it didnt load \error\ at the bottom of my browser before. Can an awesome admin from share and follow please have a look at my blog and help me out with this?Thanks
Here's a current picture of the sample plot.


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i put that grow and grow in a couple spots in the yard. grew great. in the woods even after raking down to the lose soil it only got to about 3" and died.
I dont think you can get a food plot to thick
I would put in what ever you got
Dont believe the bag
planting my foodplots next weekend. gonna use a three seed blend (oats, rye and buckwheat) then some iron clad peas and purple top radishes.
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