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Uk Vs Fsu

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fsu just lost 25 players to academic cheating.. I kida liked our chances to begin with.. and if any of those 25 are starters i really like our chances now.. only worry i have is it fsu is still as fast as they used to be. Any florida people that have any insight/
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I had not heard that yet. No matter if they (FS) lost starters or not I still like KY in this game.
We stayed at the Opryland Hotel last night (Christmas gift to my wife), and the KY players were there and I suspect FSU as well. Between that and regular holiday visitors, the place was packed.

Hopefully the KY players stay focused. There was a cheerleading competition going in the Opryland Hotel / Convention center this weekend too...
Hey KeithF you got any pics of that competion???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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