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u know what i just love??

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calling these stupid 1-800 numbers to cancel some kind of service i have and speaking to someone who has no stinkin knowledge of the english language. you talk about t-in somebody off. it took me 10 mins for the dude to understand that my first name was john not don. after spellin it for him 50 times i think he leaned over to a co-worker and asked if j-o-h-n spelled john not don!!!:wallbash: :wallbash:

nothing makes me sicker than an american company giving you a 800 number to some foreign country to try to get help on something from someone that can hardly talk to you. i might talk a little ******* but cmon!!!

well i feel better now. yall have a great day!! :ranting:
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I hear ya loud and clear and I Totally agree with you.
It's getting frustrating as heck, WE are Americans, (English Speaking Americans) OUR country's official language is "ENGLISH"....
It's time to start demanding that those individuals who speak "OTHER" languages learn to speak OUR Country's ENGLISH language, as Americans we should NOT have to adapt to their language's. Even when you call our own American government agencies them automated phone systems ask if you want to continue in english or spanish, what is up with this??? what happened to the French option or the German option or all of the other spoken language options??? BUT the one thing that makes my blood boil is when I'm reminded that our American students are forced to take "OTHER" languages (Spanish, French, Latin, german, etc etc etc) when they should be focusing on their ENGLISH studies. OK I'm done..... :)
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