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I am from South Texas, and I have 2 passions in life. I love hunting and I love computer games. Hence that is where my nickname came from.
My wife thinks I'm crazy for playing games and for hunting, but my grandkids love it, they play with me, and hunt with me.
I hunt in the hill country of Texas where there is an abundance of deer. I have been hunting for over 35 years and I'm still learning new things.
I love the excitement of watching a deer when it comes into veiw, and now I love to watch my grandkids when they see deer. I spend alot of my time teaching my grandkids and my son-in-law the joys of hunting and that there is more to hunting than just the kill. I teach them about nature and just getting out in the woods and enjoying life as god meant it to be.
I have rambled enough so I will go for now.
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