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turkeys in the rain?

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opening weekend they are calling for thunderstorms and rain .all the books say look for the birds in the fields but where i hunt its mostly thick woods and fire what do ya think where will the birds be during the thunderstorms?ronn?
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thing is rain hurts their vision and hearing, their main defences. so any open hard woods, log yards, log roads, places that they can see the farthest. one thing that may help, they will gobble at thunder so it may help with locating them. good luck and be safe.

sunday is our opener and i'm going to be videoing a couple hunters. did a video last weekend for a youth hunt and it came out pretty good. although he didn't get a shot, the jake put on a good show. i'll sneak out in the morning before work during the week and my son and i will get after it next weekend. his senior prom is saturday night so he wouldn't be able to get home at midnight and get up at 4 am.
yeah i m torn with staying home and staying dry but i love to go hunting and last year i only got out once or twice due to medical issues.:no:I 've hunted in the rain in the past there but never had any luck in the rain.last year came close to getting a big one but he wouldnt leave the dance floor.
what to do what to do now the reports are steady rain starting tonight all night into the day ,thunderstorms and heavy rain,might just stay home after all the ride is 1hr each way:yucky:
possible showers are one thing. i can deal with that. but a hard steady rain takes the fun out of it. the birds are still there just not so much fun. good luck i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
i tell ya they weatherman is giving me fits now its looking like a 40% chance of rain ,thunderstorms after 12pm which will be fine since we can only hunt till i got the gear packed and will head out in the morning just wont do the super early hunt since it will be raining and dark.ill see how i feel in the morning and what the weather is really doing and not forecasted
Joel go for it because you never know what can happen in the turkey woods and as ronn said the birds are still there. Think of the lotto "gotta be in it to win it."
well between the bad weather and the even worse news the trip didnt go down.Im going to try after i return from maryland .after three days down there for the funeral the time in the woods will do me some good and hopefully produce a turkey or two for the table.the time in the woods should clear the heart and head
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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