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Turkey hunting.

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This will be my first deer season hunting with a bow, but I'm looking forward to doing some turkey hunting with the bow. Anyone ever use there bow for turkey?
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I started last year got my first bird with it last fall
it is a blast. I have a lot more fun bow hunting then I do gun hunting
I think turkey hunting with either gun or bow is just a blast. I for the first time went out with my bow this past spring and realized just how much more challenging it was. Granted I am from an area with an abundance of turkey but I had more than a few opportunities to harvest a bird but they either stayed just out of range or I couldnt make a play on the birds because i had a bow not a gun. Also turkeys are extraordinarly tough birds. I had a buddy of mine put 2 arrows through the center mass of a bird and the bird took off. They brough their springer spaneol out and still couldnt find it. Good luck to ya when you get out there
they are a tough bird mostly because their kill zone is so small
I think the best shot is broadside threw the mid to upper portion of the wing
I figured the small kill zone would pose a nice challenge, but I also was looking into the Gobler Guillotine broadheads. Anyone ever use them?
I have never used those broadheads, but I have shot a few birds with the bow. Funny thing is that every one of them was from a treestand while I was bow hunting. From my experience it is nearly impossible to kill one from ground level with a least that is my experience. Obviously some people do it, and my hat is off to them! That is a tough hunt. Beeing in a treestand gives a bit of an advantage in sight angles, and shot angles. The first one I ever shot from a stand was skewered on the arrow sticking in the ground. It never even flopped. From the stand I will get drawn at a good time, then wait until the turkey faces me. From this angle you can put the arrow just above the breast and right into the vitals without puncturing the breast. IMO the best way to kill a turkey with a bow...except maybe the gilloutine broadhead. Good luck!
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took mine from the ground no problem flopped over dead didn't move a couple inches through the wing vitals & out the other wing No meat damaged using a 2 blade rage at I think it was 23-26 yards may have been some luck with this not sure but still I thought it was a great shot
never used the gilloutine but from what I hear they are only good to 10 yards
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