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The harvesting will come with patience and experience one step at a time. Tator talks about the ratio of hunting days vs harvesting days, my ratio is probably 5 sit days to every deer killed, partly because I'm a meat hunter and not a trophy hunter. Because I travel to hunt it is important to understand the area you are hunting to maximize your chances of taking a deer. Hunting property with good deer numbers sounds like a simple matter but many hunters don't know deer density. If you have decent deer numbers then the most important thing is to know how they travel morning and night, where their bedding areas are, where water is, and where the natural food source is at the time you are hunting. When you factor all these things together a plan takes shape. Hunting extremely low deer density hunting grounds is very hard to do because sit times can be very long. In that case, if legal, a feeder, food plot may be your answer. In Michigan two weeks ago I sat for 20 minutes to harvest one then went 3 days of not seeing anything. That's hunting! Good luck, be patient, know the area you are hunting.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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