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I tend to agree with the mature buck. Many areas will not produce a 150" buck. I know many of you will disagree but, taking a mature doe with a flintlock, I consider a personal trophy. I think in some regards all the animals that we take are in some way a trophy. For the true trophy buck hunter I would guess 150" would be the starting point. I also think the method used to harvest animals, makes for personal trophies. After all, when its all said and done, the memories will be worth way more than any set of horns! After 41 years of hunting, I have many personal trophies, none of which could hang in Cabela's but I wouldn't trade any one of them for someone else's deer. So to sum up, trophies are probably a personal assessment of a harvested animal taken with-in the laws of the state and in a fair chase senerio, which are then simply entered into one's own historical hunting scrap book. Guys its the memories of the hunt and the buddies current/past that you shared camp with that make for life's real trophies. Talk about rambling on, sorry!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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