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I thought I'd add a link to the outfit we have hunted in Georgia the last three years for big hogs. We've been three years running now and our group has taken three really big hogs while hunting there(all over 250 pounds). The hunts are all free range hogs and take place on land leased by the outfitter.

He has a good number of stands located throughout the 1500 acres he has leased at this time (he also does trophy deer hunts) Due to the fact they are free ranging hogs, you are not guaranteed a hog or even a shot, but our trips have certainly shown us there's a very healthy hog population and some real big boars around as well.

The price of the hunts are normally $600 for two days (includes lodging, but not meals) and if you want a longer hunt (as we always do) they will likely work with you on a price, especially if you have a group of four or more hunters. The outfit is called Woods 'n' Water and is located just outside Wrightsville, Ga. (I believe that is Johnson County, Ga). It's about 1.5 hours east of Macon, Ga. The owner, Blaine Burley and his head guide Virgil are both great folks and will take care of you.

I'll include some pictures of a couple of the big Boars we've taken.

Here' a link to the place:
Georgia GA Wild Boar Hunting Adventure Hunts


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