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Treestand shooting

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ok,I need some advice about shooting my bow out of my treestand...Every deer I've taken I have been on the ground,either sitting a my feild staff chair or walking too check on a spot I want to hunt it....We practice alot at home..But When it comes to shooting from a stand,I miss 95% of the time,the other 5% is almost misses...on the ground,I never miss...I'm using a Martin Bow with 28in gold tip arrows with 125gr feild points and the same for my hunting arrows...

any suggestions?
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bend at the waist you are probably bending your wrist to change the angle,try bending at the waist instead:yes::yes::yes::yes:
Don't forget to aim a little high. Deer may duck your arrow, but if you catch them un-alerted you should get a good solid hit.

Practice from your stand, get a buddy to move the target to different distances. If possible get one of those 3-D deer and look at the angles the arrow follows through the deer, that will help you find your aiming points.

Misjudging distance is probably one of the biggest problems in a hunting situation. 30 yards looks different from a tree. Carry a range finder or walk off your distances and mark it with tape.

Where to aim is important. As a rule I like the deer to be quartering away, I then find the opposite front leg and follow it up with my pin when it gets to the chest I release. I only use one pin set at 23 yards. If the deer is close I aim lower and if it's out to thirty I aim higher but never out of the kill zone. Don't shoot past 30 yards or try to shoot through tree limbs and you will hit.

Maintaining your form is everything in a hunting situation, not bending at the waist is a common mistake. You want to release you arrow just like in practice. Just because there is a deer out there with a set of horns you can't get out of your routine. It has to be very mechanical. 1,2,3, squeeze.

Hope there is something you can use. Good luck.
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:goodposting:good stuff right there:yes:
Great advice above,
How high is your stand, a common problem I used to have, shooting from a 30' high stand was the arrow entering the animal at too steep an angle because I was shooting while they were too close. This led to a "one lung" shot and the deer go forever with that type of shot, its important to penetrate both lungs.
I just worked at being more patient and letting the deer get a little farther out from my stand.
As Buckshot said a rangefinder is a great tool to have. I never go out without mine. Once in my stand I use it to mark off the distance of different landmarks around me, a tree, stump, weed clump whatever.
If I am then lucky enough to have a deer come in I already have that distance memorized, for instance "he's right next to that stump which read 26 yds.".
That way I am not fumbling around with the finder figuring distance but already have my bow drawn and am concentrating on proper pin sighting.
I had the same problem for awile and then found my problem to be that i was using my range finder pre-season from the ground and marking the 10-20-30 yards off with tacks. but i was shooting low everytime the problem was that the distance from my stand was different from the distance from the base of the tree so i adjusted accordingly and haven't missed yet! just something to think about.
PRACTICE..! If you can hang a stand in your back yard, do it. Site in your bow while you are elevated. I'm fortunate to have a flat roof at 32' which allows me to do this. When you move to the ground you should still be real close to zero. Check to make sure. I use a single pin adjustable sight. I've got it sighted in for 20, 35, 40, 50, and 60 yrds. At 68# I set my sight on 35yrds and I'm More than confident that anything from 0-35 yrds is dead without moving my sight or aiming high. Now when they are right underneath me I've got aim at the bottom of there belly or even at the ground in some cases. Either way, it's easier to make high low adjustment when your not elevated.
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