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tree stand angles

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if you are 20' up in a stand with a bow what should you're shot placement be, higher or lower? my inlaws and i were discussing this and wanted your input. thanks in advance!
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how far away are you shooting?in general there is no difference
If you're 20' up you'll generally hit high from your aiming point at a moderately steep angle. Same when shooting up at steep angles you'll generally hit low. Alot of range finders now days have that compensation built in. I use one all the time now.
Ah yes the age old question. The answer is you should shoot the distance it is to the target with no adjustment. Your form in shooting from a tree is very important. After much debate and trail and error I believe it boils down to bending at the waist. When you practice on the ground the arrow is naturally at a 90 degree angle from your body.
When you are up a tree and shooting down it is vital that you keep that form by bending at the waist and not lowering your bow with your arms.

Practice this by drawing to level in the tree and bend your waist to the target.

Shot placement on the deer is best learned by shooting at a 3D target from a tree. You can then see how the arrow will penatrate throught the deer. different angles require different placement to cross through the vitals. You will aim at a higher point on a down shot but only because of the arrow travel throught the deer.
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i agree with the form thing you talked about but you need to aim lower. if its 30 yards you need to shoot like its 25 if the downward angle is severe enough.
thats why i asked how far to the target.20yrds is 20yrds.
thats why i asked how far to the target.20yrds is 20yrds.

That I agree with.

If you measure from the base of your tree out 20 yards to a spot a deer is standing you should shoot the 20 yard pin dead on no matter what the angle.
If you climb 20 feet up a tree shooting the same spot point to point on the ground will be longer but the effect of gravity on the arrow is still based on the horizontal plane of 20 yards instead of the 23 yards point to point or whatever it actually is. Arrow drop is based on the horizontal plane not the vertical plane. If it is 20 yards straight accross and your shooting a severe angle down where the actual distance may be 30 yards you would still shoot the 20 yard pin.

When using a range finder you should mark your yardage from either from the base of the tree or from the stand straight out in front of you to a tree at the same level, not to the ground.

Where you aim is a different matter, assuming you want all shots to be a double lunger you have to adjust the aim point accordingly. Just as you have to move your aim point back as the deer quarters away you have to move the aim point up the deer as the angle increases to pass through both lungs.
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If you're 20' up you'll generally hit high from your aiming point at a moderately steep angle. Same when shooting up at steep angles you'll generally hit low. Alot of range finders now days have that compensation built in. I use one all the time now.

If you use the range finder from the tree to the ground you will hit high because it's telling you the distace on angle to the target not the stright line distance.
Once you determine the distance (hunter to target) just aim as you normally would and shoot.
No aiming adjustment is needed at all. the ONLY adjustment needed from a treestand is distance,
Elevation causes a little more yardage between hunter and target so some slight adjustment should be made for distance.
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I will add that I believe some bow shooters do the adjustment instinctively and don't consciously adjust.
50 yards is 50 yards whether it's from a treestand to target or ground to target, 50 yards is 50 yards
the Aim stays the same, you should aim at Vitals from stand level the same way you would from ground level.
This is what's always worked for me.
All I'm saying is the only thing that changes from a treestand vs. ground level is distance but 50 yards is 50 yards.
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Here's what I'm saying. In this example the only thing that needs consideration is Distance. the Aim from the treestand (slightly high 10 yd. pin)
If this hunter is on the ground then he would need to aim the same way (slightly high 10 yd. pin)
But if the treestand to target or ground to target were both 50 yards, then both shots would use a 50 yd. pin with no compensation at all.
Does this make better sense? because I'm terrible at describing in text form. LOL

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If you had a pin for every yard on your bow, in that pic you would use you 13 pin while on the ground. right? What I'm getting from what you are saying is you use the 15 pin from the tree. When I would say use the 13 pin from the tree. yes? no? or level out 13 yards is what buckshot, i think, was saying.
Yes, 13 yd pin from ground.
and Yes 15 yd. pin from tree.

But we dont have that many pins, so in my diagram I would use my 10 yd pin and aim slightly high from 13 or 15.
Isn't that what you would do?
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ok ronn, how would you shoot that Deer in the diagram? from both places stand and ground?
i would shoot that deer using my 13 pin both from the ground and from the tree. even though the range finder says 15 yards while in the tree. with the compensating range finders it would say its 15 yards but shoot as if it was 13 while in the tree.
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