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(I posted this reply to your question on the "Lodge" a while ago. I thought you had a thoughtful question and felt I had something to add.)

I trapped when I was a teenager and absolutely loved it....many moons ago. I think the frequency you are required to check traps in Indiana (where I lived) was 24 hours; most likely it varies by state. I always ran the traps at day break thinking that a catch would happen overnight so that would minimize the time plus I just couldn't wait to get out. Sometimes I did it in the evening, too. I never felt dry land sets were humane and many animals will chew there legs off to escape. Also, with dry sets you have the risk off trapping a dog or cat. With fox though, it may be necessary to do dry sets. At that time there were traps that killed instantly, too, which I favored (Conibear was the brand name).
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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