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Transgender Children?!?!?!?

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this country is circling the drain right now because we as a country have no morrles. oh and tator i dont think anyone was calling you a troll. i was calling the other guy a troll. trolls neve get to 1,500 post counts. no one thinksyour a troll.
Tator I totally agree with you, it's sickening to hear about a child being molded this way by his own parent/parents.
I think the parent/s should be held accountable for dressing this boy like a girl and totally ignoring the fact that he is a male.
In my book this is Clearly Child Abuse and "WE" need to speak out against anyone who tries raising their children as anything other than their God given gender.
this makes me sick,mad and sad all at the same time.:wallbash::no::wallbash:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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