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trail cams

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looking to buy a trail cam any suggestion would be helpful .. looking to spend around $150 or $200
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I Have Two Multree's 4.0mp And The 6.0mp And Love Them.the 4.0 Is A Flash Type And Around 100.00 And The 6.0 Is The Infared(no Flash) Is Around 300.00 Both Take Excellent Pictures.and At Good Prices.battery Life Is Very Good.i Have Taken Thousands Of Pictures With Both And Not One Problem.the Only Thing With The Infared Is You Could Get A White Out Picture But Could Be The Sun?
there are a couple posts here talking about cameras. i like the moultrie 4.0. check around and you'll find them. i'd point them out but don't know how to. sorry
The new Cuddebacks are out and the cheapest one will run you right at $200.....I have the Cuddeback Excite and I am VERY VERY impressed....holds the batteries for a very long time, fast trigger speed, and easy set up....
I finally got one. It's a Wildview Xtreme Series for $90 at the local sports store. Walmart had diddly. I guess it's a cheap beginners type camera. It had all the features that you mentioned in the Bowhunting and deer genetics post (ETD) but after I got it all ready and setup I read the posts and I think that I over did it with the "burst" thing cuz I put it at 6 pics per PIR triggering. I think that I'll need some batteries soon. Jeez I hope it was setup right. We'll find out cuz I want to check it Sunday evening. Any advice/tips guys and gal?
hate to say this and i hope it works good for you but the wild view has terrible reviews. really the worst of the bunch. i don't know first hand because i didn't get one based on those reviews. maybe they were wrong and it'll work great for you, hope so. keep us informed. the reviews were on some site i stumbled across and thats what they were doing reviewing different cameras. I think the cuddieback was tops and then the moultrie mainly because of price.
Yeah I figured with that price it was probably low quality but I was impatient and wanted something on the fly so I took the only thing that was there. Eventually I'll definitely get a Cuddeback or Moultrie cuz you all have given proof that they are the way to go.
You can go to Cabela's and or Basspro's websites and they have reviews....
Just got back a little while ago checking the camera. I got a bunch of crappy pics. Furry blurs, pitch black stuff, and nothing at all. But I found some big tracks elsewhere and setup. But I do need to get a better camera. It's a must.
keep trying. I ordered the Remington Ghost. Its IR and I think 5.0 you can set it for flash or IR. The review on it said that because of the IR filter the day time pics have a hue to them but the battery life was great and so was the trigger speed. It goes for 121 with shipping. I'm going to try it and see. I'll let you all know. I checked on the cuddeback capture and the capture IR. They did do wonders with the prices. MSRP on the capture was 229. Now no one charges MSRP. Down side its a 3.0 mega. The flash only capture was MSRP 199 I think. not bad but again 3.0. They are suppose to be the best and seeing they dropped their prices by at least $100, well???? good luck guys and have fun with the cameras.
Left the camera out for three days out around a couple crab apple trees with tracks everywhere but no pics at all. The camera sure took pics when I walked in front of it though. I even crouched to a deers height thinking that the camera was set too high but that's not the case. I'm flustered. There were even fresh tracks 5,10, and more feet away from it.
I bought 2 stealth cam 4.0 cameras on clearence at Dicks last year. I left them out for 30 days and had 900 + pics on one and 400+ on the other. The batteries were still good and on low resolutin it took real nice pics. They retailed for $250. By the way it has a flash and the deer could care less. If I ever figure out how to post PICs on this site I'll share some.
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