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trail cam pics

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Natural environment Branch Terrestrial plant Twig Plant

Plant Deer Organism Fawn Natural landscape

Branch Terrestrial plant Twig Natural landscape Font

Natural environment Plant Organism Deer Fawn

Natural environment Plant Branch Terrestrial plant Twig

in one pic i think theres a buck in back ground i think


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Natural environment Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Woody plant

these are all in one night
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in the 8th one in back ground is there a buck
can't tell. might be that doe that's still carrying
thanks for answer
i saw one buck in the pics.ithink it was the 5th one .whats the tire doing?Glad to see your getting pics.did you move the camera?use bait?
move it and baitted it
good job keep the pics coming
kinda like hunting isn't it?:wink:
Looks like your figuring it out now.. You will be a pro in a couple years..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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