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Trail cam 2010

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A few nice ones taken earlier this year.

Elk Vertebrate Light Nature Deer

Elk Deer Barren ground Caribou Fawn Reindeer

Natural material Deer Horn Fawn Terrestrial animal

Deer Natural material Fawn Elk Terrestrial animal
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That's awesome man! Love those chocolate racks!
Any guesses on what state they are in???
I'm guessing Louisiana somewhere???? Not sure.
I want to come and hunt with you. Those are some nice looking horns.
I will ride with Buckshot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Though the deer do have a southern style body.. Like Texas or AL
:confused: Do we have to guess the GPS coordinates before you tell us
Ok Ok

OK, internet is hit and miss here in SE asia ( work ).... Pics are from Louisiana along the Mississippi River. Also have a great pic of a piebald doe on one of the cams I will post when I get a chance. I can't wait to try and lay one of em down when I get home!!!!
:nerd: OK if you do send us the coordinates we will all meet you down there !! To Help :w00t:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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