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Traditions xlt ml ?

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a buddy of mine just ordered a traditions xlt.anybody out there shooting and hunting with one? whats your likes and dislikes about them? i thought for the money he would be better going with a cva but he didnt like them at all.
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If cost is the factor in buying, then either of the muzzleloaders will work. CVA and Traditions fall into the mid-price range and have been around for a while. For me neither would be a consideration because I prefer TC or possibly a Knight but thats just me. He'll be happy with his purchase.
Your friend made a Great purchase.
I own the .50 cal. Traditions Pursuit LT full Mossy Oak Camo and I love it,,,,
IF for whatever reason I had to replace it, I'd buy another Traditions in "A New York Minute" :w00t:

the Traditions Pursuit II XLT was the WINNER of the Best new Blackpowder Rifles award of 2008.

here is the Link to Field and Streams Best of The Best Awards <-click to view

I hope you let your friend know about his purchase.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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