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Wow,some of these answers are very interesting.Well here is mine,I agree 100% with Bruce.As a Knight owner I will never own any other.It is about how much money you can spend and about hype and prestige.We all want to brag about the things we own,about them being better than other makes,right?That don't mean they are.I love Knight and I'm sure I always will,are they the best?They are to me.But,probably not to you.When you are watching hunting shows,which one has the most commercials?T/C of course.So,if they spend the most money on advertising,makes sense they would be #1 and #1 on being the most costly,advertising costs alot of money.But,they are owned by Smith and Wesson.One thing I will also agree with is that T/C DOES make a very high quality firearm,one that I am sure will last your lifetime with the proper care.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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