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on a lighter side, whats the best way to hang toilet paper? over the top and down in front or from the back and out the bottom?
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wow this forum is going down the toilet :yucky:
I prefer over the top in front
We really need to clean things up!
as long as you leave some on the roll I dont care how its hung.
Actually I think this is one of the great questions of our time. Many battles have been fought and divorces granted over this issue. My household is equally divided and over the years we have reached an uneasy peace, much like North and south Korea. In other words all hell could break out at any time, but the truce is holding. It boils down to whoever replaces the empty tube gets to determine dirrection. Yes life is full of comprimises.
As long as there is a roll in the room
Im good to go :thumbup:
:crazy: Most pointless thread ever award!!

Ill play though. Prefer over the top out the front but have changed that with little kids in the house. They like to see how fast they can make it unroll. Its not as fun for them out the back and through the bottom.
It doesn't matter what way for me as long as it is soft yet strong enough not to fall apart.
Not really a pointless post. An attempt to focus every ones attention/opinion on something less volatile as some of the other subjects of late.
Make sure you always throw in little extra tp
ITs $$ in the bank for us plumbers
and it comes in camo pattern now.
You can get it as Recycled paper too. I don't even want to know about that manufacturing process :wacko:
You left out the "other" option. We had to switch to on the shelf out of little hands reach. We got tired of rolling it back up after the little Princess had her say with how she liked it :) Her way was piled up on the floor off of the roll.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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