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Toys of Choice

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I saw Ronn's post of all of his toys just thought i would post mine

1. Model 760 Gamemaster .308 picked this beauty up just before last season started. Its a carbine which makes it perfect for me because im so short. Also i think they discontinued making these in 1981.

2. I believe this is a Model 7400. Its a 30-06 that my grandfather gave me just before he passed away. He killed many big bucks with it. I had a Nikon scope on it and hope to keep the tradition going this year with it.

3. .50 caliber Knight muzzleloader

4. Model 7 7mm-08 First gun i owned. Perfect caliber nice and light good gun for trudging around in the rain all day.


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Awesome tools, I love that Model 7400 :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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