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Tough year

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My buddies and I had a hard time of it this year trying to bag our birds. I had my annual turkey camp around the end of April and had several guys show up. The weather this year was actually really good for a change, which makes it even more aggrivating when the birds won't cooperate. We gave it a good try, but only came out with a 50% success rate. While that is better than nothing, it is the first year ever that I haven't been able to get everyone a bird. I don't know what was going on, but the toms would not come to the call whatsoever. We called in more Jakes than we cared to look at, but the toms mostly just refused to comply. Also noticed an overall reduced number of birds this year...I think maybe it's time to start managing a property for spring turkey hunting. Maybe some kind of food plot or something...IDK, never planted anything for turkey. Y'all have any ideas?

Oh, Here's my bird...

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Congrats on the bird. I'm sorry I don't have a clue what you might plant for turkey. There is sure something they like in a big hay field by my house because they were in it every day in turkey season.
nice. Mariam's, right? you can plant chufa but I'd do the Nature's Own Throw and Grow. it would be good for all critters. its got millet and sunflower, corn, peas and a bunch of others stuff.
We have Rio Grande birds around here...thanks for the throw and grow suggestion...that's one of the things I was looking at.

john, be sure its Natures Own THROW and GROW. Cause there is that thro-n-grow and that's different. here is the web-site on the label. Welcome To WhiteTailHabitat.Com - Your Source for Food Plots & Bigger Bucks.. I've got some in the ground now for a couple days. I'll let everyone know what happens with it.
Great looking bird, congrats.
yeah i dont know how i missed this Nice tom
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