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todays adventure

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Well i got in late drove the wife to work.i sat around till 430 when i hear leaves crunching.I see a little deer coming in from the front wind at his back he gets to 60 yards when i see its a real small spike i was gonna let him pass when all of a sudden the wind shifted he stopped in his tracks sniffed then backed out.oh well like i said was gonna let em walk anyway.well 530 rolls round i catch sight of a bruiser got to be 200lbs coming in from the side and behind wind is in his face.he goes downhill and starts to circle up towards my perch when he starts blowing. busted.i blew the grunt tube he stopped blew again used the doe can again a blow then more walking .he walked out the way he came then it was time to go.Moral of the story,all the cloths are in the machine right now and im wearing my rubber boots tomorrow.To be continued....
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I remember when I use to get bustted like that! Man, how I hate swirling winds. Good luck tomorrow.
I'm glad I never have to worry about that again.

Hope it works out for you tomorrow.....good luck!
Ut Oh you're going to either get the deer or make the news... I wanna see the pics either way... LOL

Good Luck to ya....
Make the news, make the news, make the news. JK That bruiser is all yours man you'll get him. Go get 'em. GOOD LUCK.
good luck man. it stinks when the wind messes with your hunts. you got him though. we are all expecting a pic of this bruiser before end of season.
OH Heck yeah,,,, nothing like adding a little pressure to the POT LOL
friday nov3 ,went back today saw 4 bucks on the walk in 1 was real nice,also saw 1with a doe.waited on stand a small 4point walked in to 20 yards but his body was real small didn't want him so i let him walk.didn't see anything else for the day.wore my rubbers boots this time.Weird thing happened while walking out in the dark.i heard something in the bushes off the clearcut i was walking.every time i stopped it would stop.i start walk it would start walking.i shined my light but didn't see no eyes or anything i threw a rock and made a few go on gets but it followed me all the way out.kinda spooky wondering if it was a yote or a lovesick buck i had doe in heat scent on my boots from the mornings walk in.took today off bad weather, gonna go in tomorrow hopefully Mr big will show up
good luck to you again. its spooky when that stuff happens. where i hunt we got a cabin way back in the sticks. whenever im hunting and get back there with my 4wheeler lights shining through the door and windows I am always waiting on freddy or some homeless guy to come out and greet me. i had one stand back there about 400 yds up the mountain and it seemed like every time i walked to that stand i had something walking behind me. stoping and starting just like whatever that was that did it with you. i always figured it was a curious young deer because alot of times i would hear it take off through the woods and it sounded like what deer sounds like running.
May have been a coyote or a buck. Coys have been getting pretty brave within the last few years (in my area anyways) and bucks could also be losing their mind too, afterall the rut is all about breeding. My buddy says if you had only a couple months out of the year to get freaky you'll do whatever you can right? Could be BIGFOOT screwing around with you.
yea just a few weeks ago where i live a "senior" was walking out of the woods with his bow and got jumped by two pit bulls, they got loose from a ladys house and they put ALL TEN to sleep that she had. true story. They actually ate most of the guy and tore him apart! sick stuff.
yea just a few weeks ago where i live a "senior" was walking out of the woods with his bow and got jumped by two pit bulls, they got loose from a ladys house and they put ALL TEN to sleep that she had. true story. They actually ate most of the guy and tore him apart! sick stuff.
thats sad man
So today i get up at 5 am i'm not feeling good ,didn't sleep well.I get up at 9am i can barely walk so i take my meds make some oatmeal and go online.Check the weather for the spot temps are cold in the am but by 1:00 should be 55 not good deer weather according to the experts.I talk with a buddy he's trying to talk me into hanging a stand for him and raking leaves on a property he hunts.I pass and decide to go to the spot instead .I head out at 11 am arrive at 12pm north west wind means i got to come in from the south .61 miles.uphill.I start the slow walk so i don't get sweaty100pm i reach the stand didn't bump any deer..I go up the tree 20ft and settle in. At 2:30 i hear a branch snap.I stand up knock an arrow attach the release .I see a doe walk out of the swampy clearcut i'm watching to my left shes about 200yrds away she turns and walks away from me .I watch till i cant see her any more.I see another deer walk in small trail 10 mins later can't tell if its a buck or doe it follows the other one and disappears .15 mins later i hear another branch snap same ritual grab bow knock arrow attach release i see a doe coming from that direction i assume its one of those two deer .It walks to within 60 yards and beds down.For 20 mins i watch frozen like a statue afraid to move and spook her.She sits there chewing her cud when all of a sudden the wind switches direction her nose shoots up she jumps up and sprints away stopping 200-300 yards away to take one last look.I'm upset she didn't come in, but happy to be able to relax.At 315 ish again i hear a branch so again same ritual.I see a deer coming nose to the ground .At 40 yards i realize its a buck.The adrenilian is pumping now i watch and silently wish him to walk my way instead of turning and coming in he starts walking behind me he closes to 20-25-30 yards?hes standing in a cluster of trees i got a small lane open to me for a shot .I hold steady and breathe /release ,the arrow goes sailing .I watch as it hits the buck above the shoulder,dang high shot it doesn't pass thru.I watch as he bolts full speed uphill and starts zig zaging till he's out of sight.the arrow sticking out the whole way.I'm shaking from the adrenilian .i replay the whole scene over in my head ,the shot was high but went in at a steep angle only 1/2 the arrow was stickin out.I figure i went above the scapula got one lung hopefully the other one..I wait a 1/2 hour ,climb down its gonna be dark at 450 its 400 .I start the trailing,i go to the spot where i hit em no blood i walk in semi circles out from there till 50yards i spot a big red drop of bright red blood with bubbles.YES a lung shot.i track find a spot with whitehairs in the blood,then the drops stop i hear some thrashing i pause and think if thats him hes bleeding out if i push him and he runs to the top of the ridge its a 80 degree slope down the other side.i wait and think"what to do, what to do?" The noise stops its gonna be dark soon i go to where the sounds came from.I see him lying 10yards from my very first ground blind i made 10 years ago.I knock an arrow and approach the deer i still dont see my arrow,maybe its not mine that belly is so huge maybe its a old bloated deer?I poke the buck in the eye,yup hes dead i roll over the hot deer and see my entry hole above the shoulder.YES hes mine and the sun just sets.Itake a pic on the cell phone,its 5 pm.I start the cleaning chores i find my nuge blade stuck into the other scapula and 1/2 my arrow.Oh yeah i forgot to mention its him,MR big .He's a 7 pointer with some really nice tines and a basket rack i guess hes 200lbs .I start the drag out i get to my car 830 and drive to my dads house to hang him up.I filmed after the shot from the tree stand and the tracking and discovery of my Deer.Soon as i can figure out how to download the mini movies i show em to ya.
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congrats man. good hunt and thanks for sharing it with us. looking forward to seeing those pics and film. what kind of broadhead did you use?
Congratulations man!!! Awesome story,,, I can hardly wait to see the pic's and the video...
DUDE you ROCK !!!!
Yeah Buddy!!!!!!!

Congratulations man!!! Awesome story,,, I can hardly wait to see the pic's and the video...
DUDE you ROCK !!!!

awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
cell phone pic addedpic added
Nice Buck Joel,

Congradulations. Great Story.

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