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tis the season

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Yeah, its that time of the year again and it never ceases to amaze me that I can go out and pick up a hand full of the necesities of deer hunting and, spend my wallet without any effort. just the basics of scent elimination, shampoo, attractant scents, dressing gloves etc etc. just a few items and you are already into the 70.00 range.

I am going to try some products this year that I have not used before. some because the products I had been using have decided to price themselves out of reach and others because of recommendations.
I am giving scent killer a shot this year because the silver xp I had been using is getting too expensive. I also will be trying some golden estrus and the ultimate and magnum scrape drippers.
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I used the Scent Killer stuff last year and it worked well. Had a small buck walk right by me at 15 yards and he didn't even know I was there. I think I'm going to try Scent-A-Way this year though, just for something different. I'm also going to try one of those Snort Weeze calls to see if they actually work.
been spending too. Seems even the small stuff adds up to $100's:thumbdown:
Yea even seed adds up fast
Now i need propane for my hunting apt
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