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It sounds to me like you might have yourself a sanctuary on your hands. If I were you, I wouldn't go onto this property unless you have to. Make sure you are scent free when you do. If there is tall brush and thickits like you're saying, deer LOVE that. The best thing you have going is water. I would set a stand close to the water and these trails that you are seeing. If using trail cameras, set them on some of the trails and leave them be for 2+ weeks. I've noticed when I put out trail cameras, I always get does for the first 3-4 days/nights. By day 4-5 the bucks start showing up on the cam.
Also GOOGLE earth your property and look at the neighboring properties. This will help you figure out where the deer are generally coming from and help you set up in the right place. Look for pinch points!

**AND I STILL STAND BY MY WORD BOYS: Go to your local bass pro or cabela's or farm and home store and buy a trophy rock and put it out in front of your camera. IF you have bucks on/around your property THEY WILL SHOW UP, but LEAVE the camera alone for 1-2 weeks! Good Luck OKLAHOMA!
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