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Tips for Alabama

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I just got my own property to hunt in south Alabama, just cleared my property out and dont have enough time to set up a plot so someone told me about ice cream salt. I took a few boxes and put them in a gym bag and hung it from a tree. I was told that everytime it rains the salt will get into the soil and deer go crazy over it. In Alabama state law says the only thing you can hunt over is pure salt so that is all I have to work with. I got one doe on my camera but did not leave it out long. That was before I put the salt up, I was using apples and buck jam when I got the doe. My property is set like this. I am surrounded by woods on the south,east, and west. To the north is a dirt pit that belongs to the owner which has a stream running throught it. He tells me that there are alot of deer in the pit in the morning grazing. I am young and I am wanting some good advice. Thanks!
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I believe you will fnd just about any salt will work in LA. You will also find no need to plant expensive seeds for greenfields. A clover/rye grass mixture will work just fine and ideal time to plant is Mid-late September.

The gym bag idea is fine and a tow sack will work just as well. I prefer to put my salt in an old stup in cly soil. It won't take long the "lick" will be huge and the deer actually lick the soil. I do believe however, you will find that is great for a camera but of little use for hunting purposes. I also suppose you are aware the rut in LA peaks in early January?

Good luck and enjoy working with your own property and remember this. Deer are edge animals. An S shaped food plot will beat a square one all to pieces.
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