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Time To Go Horizontal

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Well I'm thinkin' it's probably time for me to cave in and start looking at crossbows. My shoulder is not fixing itself(HAHA)and I doubt it will. I can still shoot my compound but after 7 or 8 shots my accuracy goes to hell and I've lost my confidence when in the tree, and I WILL NOT go out there to cripple deer. So, I've got it narrowed down to a Barnett Jackal, it seems like the most bow for the least amount of money. I know there are many nice units by many manufacturers, but I am not gonna spend a ton on this. My question, anybody familiar with Barnett, shot one, own one, know somebody who shoots one??? Would like a little input before I hit the trail to test shoot different units. Thanks!
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TLF, I too had to go the way of the crossbow to stay in the woods for archery. As we age and the injuries catch up with us sometimes we have to learn new tricks. :w00t: I have no knowledge of Barnett bows. You'll do your homework and pick something you like. Even with my bad neck/shoulders I can pull my 200lb crossbow using the string helper very easy if that helps you on the poundage question. Happy Shopping!
I won a Barnett crossbow in a big buck contest
The limbs blew apart on my wife shooting at a target
I wont have one again
I shoot an Excalibur with recurve limbs and love it.
Wow Del, I'm glad she didn't get hurt, that's disturbing to hear that. I know you have an Excaliber HM from another post, but their units start at around $500 and up from there, but they look like really nice bows. Then again, you generally get what you pay for I guess. I'll have to do more research first then go test fire a few. Thanks both of you for the input!!
TLF, Bass Pro has a Horton "Brotherhood" model on sale right now for $329.97, includes a scope, quiver, and 3 bolts. Nice package. Horton has a good name. The only thing I've heard is their trigger pull is a bit heavy. Check it out on line if you don't have a Bass Pro locally. Sale priced Aug, 3rd-19th.
I shot Horten for a long time now i shoot a PSE viper
Shooting a Stryker SZ380 and loving it. If you have a pro shop nearby go for the compound of some sort but if you may have to take repairs into your own hands go simple like excaliber or recurve type crossbow
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Good Luck with your new Bow and don't forget to share some pictures of the deer you get this year. :thumbup:
I use a horton and love it. very accrate and hard hitting. also check out wickedridge, made by 10 point very good xbows also


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