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Tick spray

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I know we've discussed this recently but please list products you are familiar with that you use in the field. I'm looking for high DEET number, and virtually no smell for clothing applications. I don't want Lyme disease and PA is full of them this year. Last bow season I had 38 lyme ticks on me in 9 days of hunting! :yucky: Thanks for your input!!!
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SALE Scent Shield® No Stinkin’ Ticks™ Tick Repellent.. A unique and powerful formula containing Permethrin—a powerful and potent repellent to ticks and the diseases they carry. 3-oz. aerosol spray
HM check out Tick Block - Lyme Disease prevention, Tick Repellent, Mosquitoes, Deer Ticks - Massachusetts.
Hope this helps you I have been bitten once already this year and found many more on me and my clothes.
I purchased DurationTM Permethrin 10% Concentrate from Amazon. *It is intended for use as a soak but I deluted it to .5% and use it as a spray like Sawyers. It is $30 for 8 oz. Mixed 20 to 1 it will make 168 oz of .5% spray or equal to 7 of the 24 oz bottles of Sawyers. Thats $30 vs $90.

I had picked off probably 50 (only about 6 or so embedded, most crawling on skin or my clothes) or more ticks early this spring before using this solution. Haven't had one tick or chigger on me since and I hunted spring gobbler season and have been in the woods a lot since.

I sprayed one set of hunting clothes, pants, socks, shirt and hat and wore them them all of spring gobbler season without reapplying spray. Suppose to last for six washings. I didn't do too much washing, since gobblers can't smell.

The area I live in (woods) Southern, Illinois is ate up with ticks every yr.
Thanks for all the info!
Try Sawyers spray , sold in Cabelas. It lasts for six weeks or six washings. I have been using it for a couple of years. It has an initial scent but dries odorless.I use it turkey,deer and coyote hunting . It also kills ticks and other insectsupon contact with clothing. I swear by it. Buy the large bottle ,it should last most of the year.
found this, it's a clothing spray only, Coulston's Duranon tick repellent. Odorless, and susposed to last 6 weeks, repels/kills. I'm going to test spray now and see if I can detect any odor after the 2-4 hours of drying time. It's 0.50% permethrin.
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