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Tick report

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PA certainly demonstrated why lyme disease is a big concern. First walk through the woods looking for deer sign, 8 ticks on me and 4 on buddy. Each day produced several ticks on clothing that was previously sprayed with repellent. One member of the hunting group had to remove 2 imbeded ticks. I hate ticks.
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it amazes me we never had ticks here in NH or at least in my area & now everytime I go in the woods I come back with at least one on me but what I don't understand in never got one on me in western NY they claim they don't have any I never had one on a deer I have killed there either & the have roughly the same or warmer weather then we do here?
the buck was full of various size and two different kinds of ticks.
Just remember, it takes about 48 hours for you to get Lyme Disease from an infected tick. So if you can find em and get em off every afternoon/night, you're in the clear (not true for the many other diseases ticks carry)
Last year when I took my son out to scout the area we would be hunting and set up the camera, they were jumping all over him as well as a few on me. this year, I have yet to see the first tick. Knock on wood!!
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