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this lil girl is packin!!

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yep she is a cutie. this is my youngest daughter gettin taught early everything she needs to know about firearms. and by the way this gun was not loaded. but if somebody decides to break in our house when she gets a lil older she will be able to load the gun and shoot their head off. in self defense of course. :thumbup:


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this kind of reminds me of the Micheal Jackson video when he dangles his baby off the balcony:biggrin:
before everyone goes ballistic on me, I was just giving puke boy a hard time:green:

yeah dont be comparin me to the fago cross dresser M. Jackson. remember the metal detector that i still have that belongs to ya. i might just have to keep it for that comment. the puke boy comment was funny though. :lol:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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